Blog 6: The DH Media Difference

Jesse here once again.

Packing is continuing on the move from one DH Media headquarters to the next, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped our normal work.

In the past few weeks, we’ve all but completed the first round of early 2018 weddings.

The first few edits of the season, I’m always stunned at how the new techniques I learned over the winter (or in this years case a whole new editing suite,) can be put to good use. 

At DH Media, we don’t use a cookie cutter template for wedding videos. Each video is built from the ground up. Sometimes, a unique story arc (even weddings have arcs) will pop in. Earlier this year we did a wedding reception for a couple who got married in Jamaica. Their wedding video that we edited is a very interesting time warp. It starts in the cool April weather before fading into a Jamaican paradise. The video ends with the reception back in Canada. The story is one of my favourites.

Every year, we get busier, but DH Media will never leave the creativity we’re known for.  It may sound like a sales pitch but it’s not. We really do care about the final product.