DH Media

At DH Media, our philosophy has always been that ‘hurried work is worried work and a job not well done is not a well done job’. That philosophy was deeply embedded in our company when we started solely as a wedding videography & photography company back in 2014. Now that we’re a little older and a lot wiser, DH Media is glad to be able to offer a wide range of services. Getting married? We’re still an Ontario favourite for videography & Photography. Need a commercial for your business? We love being able to offer professional videos unique to the client. Need some business products? DH Media is your place to go. No matter what client we’re dealing with, we’re glad to be the company that is known as the crew of creative storytellers obsessed with creating media and entertaining everyone .


Getting married? DH Media can help. Whether you’re looking for wedding photography or videography, You're unique and your wedding plans are too! At DH Media we believe in honest and clear advertising and prices.


DH Media is not just known for its wedding services. We're also known for the amazing photography services that we offer. Whether it be Family, engagements, real estate or boudoir, we have you covered!


Yes it's as easy as contacting us to get your own commercial. We seek to create media that is not only entertaining, but also produces tangible results for your business. Armed with extreme creativity, we truly can do it all.

Business Products

At DH Media, we know the importance of having great business products. That’s why we’re proud to offer affordable products such as business cards, brochures, booklets, signs and more at an affordable price!