DH Media Blog 11

Happy 2019 from DH Media

Hello again all you DH Media loyalists. It’s been a while since I have addressed you, but I am going to try to get more blogs out in the digital world this year.


First things first: The Holidays! Every year, DH Media always tries to get together at least once during the Christmas Holiday Season. The first year we made that a tradition was in 2016. Sure, it was a simple Swiss Chalet Lunch, but it was tasty. We now opt for The Mandarin, which allows each of our unique team members the opportunity to eat almost whatever they want. This year was another opportunity for all of use to get together and talk about the future goals ahead and the future of DH Media.

The end of 2018 was like a television show for me. Plot points were wrapped up in a manner that was both satisfying but unsatisfying. Sometimes, I sit and see my life as a movie or TV show and right now I am wondering if perhaps I could’ve had another season on the air, or perhaps this change of formula was for the best.

DH Media is now my full time gig. For better or for worse I am going to give it my all. What does that mean for the state of this site? Hopefully, a quick but modern redesign and more content. I made a Facebook video explaining all of that, but, here’s that video for you. DH Media was founded on the principles that at some point it needed to be a full time (with full pay) company. Now is the opportunity to show if that is possible. But of course, that’s not the only thing that’s on my plate.

The reason I chose to do DH Media full time was mostly as a launching board for my new career working in the Toronto Film Industry. Admittedly, the work has been sporadic at best, but I definitely am enjoying the time building DH Media in a manner that is both rewarding and beneficial to the health of the company.

2019 has it’s own set of goals which I am listing now:

1.) Weddings Weddings Weddings!

2.) A bigger social Media Presence

3.) More diversity in our shoots

4.) A Short film…?

5.) Business growth like we’ve never seen before.