Blog 1: "We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams"

"We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams"

Hi! Jesse here!

Recently, we had the opportunity and good fortune to shoot a music video for the Niagara Band Road Waves. This was a fun experience for everyone involved.

During my college days it was known that one of our final semester projects was to shoot a music video, which to say the least was exciting. We even got to pick the band we'd want to work with. When Jimmy Buffett didn't get back to me, I realized that maybe I better spend my time editing rather than trying to book big name clients. In the end, my music video never came to existence due to a medical leave I was taking. I was excused from having to shoot the music video (I wasn't excused from editing a short film about college kids who mix alcohol and drain cleaner for a 'hangover-free buzz', but that's another story). I was disappointed to not be involved with any of the music video productions, but life has a funny way of showcasing opportunity.

A Path Down a Wavy Road

I had the good fortune to be introduced to a Niagara band call Road Waves. To be completely honest, Road Waves is not my number one style of music, but after meeting with them and getting to know the people behind the music, I was hooked. I think to an extent, artists attract other artists. The amount of creative energy in the room the first time we met had me tentatively hooked.

It helped that they liked our pitch and agreed to the schedule. We decided for the first DH Media music video to go with a simple narrative-based music video that ends with the band playing live in concert. This pitch made sure that everything was planned and shot was successful when we were on location, and then we got to flex our creative muscles when we got to control the lighting and the atmosphere while shooting on stage.

Editing the video was an interesting process as well. Normally with a written narrative or even a wedding video, there's not a time crunch. A wedding video is 98 minutes because that's how long the ceremony and speeches plus everything else was. When you're editing a music video, you have to stick to the length of the song. It's weird to think in the length of two minutes that we could have entire set pieces lost to the proverbial cutting room floor, but it happened. Maybe one day, Road Waves will give us an extended cut and we'll be able to showcase everything we shot.

Working with Road Waves was an experience I'll always remember. They were fun creative people to work with, and from the sounds of it, they'll be on Team DH Media when they need their second music video.

Take a look at the music video below and remember to check back here weekly for more great content.