Blog 2: "Rings & Things"

By Teela Airdrie

A wedding day is full of hustle and bustle. Some brides say the day whizzes by. That’s where we come in. Your photographers and videographers are there to capture every moment to preserve the memory after the excitement settles. From our perspective the day is no less busy, we are watching every move made on the day.  Sometimes the bridal party get a break from us either to recompose off camera or to have a bite to eat. In this time a different kind of magic happens.

The rings are a symbol of love and commitment to each other, adorn with diamonds to shine on through the years to come. In these small quiet moments at a wedding I like to pose not people but these symbols of love, sometimes the brides have suggestions or props they would like included and sometimes I am free to get creative with the surroundings.